Home Medication Reviews

Managing medicines in your home is very important. A Home Medication Review involves an accredited Pharmacist visiting a patient at their home, and reviewing and reporting on their medicine routine to their GP.
The objectives of Home Medication Reviews are to achieve safe, effective and appropriate use of medicines by detecting and addressing medicine-related problems that may be interfering with a patient’s desired outcomes. Home Medication Reviews provide Pharmacist’s and GPs with a comprehensive understanding of your current medication regime, helping to improving your quality of life and health by using a best practice approach.
Home Medication Reviews

Do you require a Home Medication Review?

We recommend requesting a review if you are:

  • Taking more than five medicines a day
  • Are concerned about your medicines
  • Are confused or don’t always remember to take your medicine
  • Need to be closely monitored because of the medicines you take
  • Taking medicines that can have serious interactions with other medicines
  • Feel unwell after taking medicines
  • Health is not improving on the medicines
  • Have recently been to hospital
  • Have recently had changes to the medicines you are taking
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