By Amanda Dawson

Personal Trainer and business owner at Studio 9 Personal Training and Boot Camp



Time to put those recent Foote’s Pharmacy exercise equipment purchases to good use.  Here’s a quick little circuit to get you started.


Lets work through 10 reps of each of these exercises.



In a standing position place exercise ball at lower back/hip height against the wall, using the ball against the wall lower down into your squat position, then back to a standing position.

Keep feet at hip distance or slightly wider, feet forward or slighting turned out, and knees should remain behind the toes when bent.

Back Extensions


Using a wall to stabilize if you are new to using an exercise ball, place your feet against the wall with our hips positioned on the fit ball.  Hands either on your head or crossed across your chest, activate your abdominals and glutes to assist in lifting your chest up. Don’t over extend the back.  Slow and controlled movement here on lifting and lowering.



Lying down on your back on your gym mat, place your feet on top of your exercise ball with bent knees. Hands can be positioned behind your head, I prefer them crossed across the chest to avoid pulling on your neck.  Active your abdominals and lift the head and shoulders off the mat. Control the lift and the lowering.

Step Back Lunges with Rotation


Holding the exercise ball step back on one leg into a lunge position. Once in your lunge position rotate the upper body to the same direction of the leg that is forward. I.E left leg forward, we rotate to the left. Rotate back to centre and then step feet back into the start position.

10 reps per leg on this one.  Work on stability then rotate.  It’s easy to get wobbly on this one.



This one can be difficult, so we have two options.

For those starting out, lets do this one on our knees. Elbows or forearms on your exercise ball.  We want core activation on this one so make sure your knees are positioned far enough away to allow this.  Try holding for 10-20 secs.  Have a 10 second rest and go again.  Lets aim for 5 repetitions on this one.


For those who are more advanced, then its onto those toes, with forearms on the ball.  For something extra tricky (if you’re a Exercise Ball Pro) its toes on the fit ball and hands on the mat.

Glute Raise


Once again we have two options on this one.  Shoulders and Back on the exercise ball, feet on the floor at hip width.  We’re going to lift our hips, and activate our glutes to create a bridge position. Pause at the top and lower back down.  Repeat the process.


For the more advanced, with shoulders and upper back on the mat, feet on your exercise ball with extended legs. Grip those heels to the ball and you are going to bend those knees.  The feet will end up flat on top on

your fit ball.  Reverse the process to return to your start position.

Alternating Arm/Leg Extensions


Lying on your exercise ball, centre yourself on the ball.  Use your legs and arms to stabilize and extend opposite arm/leg out horizontally, pause and bring back to your starting position.  10 reps on this side, then 10 reps on the other side.

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